Wild FX is a Custom Spray Tanning & Body Bronzing Service. We are Industry & Event focused.  Specializing in all body enhancements. Contouring, Slimming, Defining and Elongating your best body is what we do. Making you the perfect shade of Sexy, Classy, Glamorous and never leaving you less than Stunning for your debut!


Your event is what matters.. 

At your appointment we will discuss the reason for your tan.  Is it for a professional photo/video shoot, fashion show/runway, a movie, a red carpet event, a wedding, a special event, a fitness show, a vacation, or an evening out with friends?  

Depending on the nature of your event, your tan/body bronzing will be customized accordingly.  Paying close attention to what you will be wearing, your skin, hair and eye color as well as the lighting of the studio (indoor/outdoor) and the season of the year.

Wild FX uses premium grade, organic solutions. All products used are infused with anti-aging properties, and are healthy for the skin. Never leaving you the dreaded, dried up orange... Only the perfect POP of glistening golden bronze!


Our Body Bronzing line is a professional, camera ready body makeup. With lasting results of up to 5-7 days.  It can be combined or used alone with our tanning solution depending on the nature of your shoot/event. 


        * * * On location services are available * * *


All services are a la carte.  By appointment only.  Your privacy is valued and discretion is always used.  No appointments overlap. Only one person in the studio at a time. Please mention the referring agency/person at the time of your call.  


I look forward to meeting you at The Wild FX Bronzing Studio or at the location of your choice!            

        Experience the difference...

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